„ZOOTOPIA – A Vision of a Multispecies Society“
feature documentary by Tristan Ferland Milewski
– in development –

The climate crisis, war, social and economic injustice. We all know, a radical change is necessary if we want to continue living on this planet. Wouldn’t it be the next logical step to envision a future society beyond the limits of the human species? Can we only be free if everyone is free?

What would ZOOTOPIA concretely look like? 

Animals as fellow citizens? Animals as participants in political decisions? Animals having access to public services? Animals as owners of sovereign states? Communication and cross-cultural understanding between species? How would the cities and landscapes of tomorrow look like? Is a fair multispecies society compatible with a capitalist system? And how is the oppression of other species inseparably linked to the oppression of other people?

ZOOTOPIA is playfully designing a provocative manifesto for the future.

Screenplay and Director: Tristan Ferland Milewski
Camera: Dunja Engelbrecht
produced by: CORSO Film
development funded by: FFA German Federal Film Board

presented at the Co-Pro Market at DOK Leipzig on 9-10th of October 2023